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Nelli Modular Sofa
Kelly M. (Burnaby, BC)
Pet friendly but a little sloppy

Fabric is pet friendly as promised! My cat has been scratching and making no marks. I find the cushions to be sloppy, the seat cushions inch out from the base and there's nothing to keep them in place. The seats have hardware to keep them together it the ottoman does not. It's very light so it will slide away from you if you have hard flooring.

Lohja 3 Piece Sofa Set
Roda m. (Markham, ON)
It works!

i have a few comments to share about this couch.

First off they look amazing, super contemporary, very stylish and not too bulky! my problem with my old couches were they were expensive, the cats tore them up and they were bulky. These couches are a great size for my living room and they're fairly cat proof!

The couches have held up beautifully, had the couches about a month now and they're doing great. My previous couch you'd see it fraying quickly, this is holding up great. The cats love it.

Price wise, its the best deal i could get on a 3 piece couch set.

If i could make a change, i would've opted for a darker colour, i got the light cappuchino colour and i think its more prone to showing scratches or damage if it ever happens, a dark colour would hide these better.

Rauma Modular Sofa
Erica F. (Milton, ON)
Survives Our Puppy’s Zoomies

We LOVE this couch. It has the perfect firmness and aesthetic and it withstands our puppy’s scratches

Nelli Loveseat
Galia (Toronto, ON)
Love my new sofa

I have my new sofa for a month and it looks great so far! My two dogs haven’t destroyed it yet!
It is very soft and easy to clean. I love the colour (light grey).

Lohja Loveseat
Carrie (Toronto, ON)
Great couch!

We love this couch. Simple and classic design. Cat proof. Looks great!

Kemi Sofa
Jessica R. (Vancouver, BC)
Best Sofa Purchase! Can't wait to get the Loveseat!

We were thinking of changing our living room furniture but when we got our second cat (a very playful kitten), we were looking for something that would withstand the claws...
Then I ran into an Auberge Designs ad, I ordered a swatch, read a ton of reviews and was completely sold.
This is the best purchase!!! Not only the fabric is luxurious but the firmness of the cushions is heavenly. I can tell this sofa is going to last a very long time!!
The cats are also enjoying it :)
Cleaning it is a breeze. Vacuums so easily and haven't had a chance to get it dirty but I'm sure a clean damp cloth will do if it gets a stain.
Cats can play on it without damaging the fabric and that is huge. Living room furniture is usually a big expense. This was worth it and much more because Auberge Designs has amazing sales!
Can't wait to get my loveseat!! YouTube video placeholder
Aren Sofa
Mikayla (Ottawa, ON)
Very happy!!

Our last sofa only survived 3.5 years, after getting to the point where threads were ripped out everywhere from our cats using it as a scratching post and metal was exposed on the corners from our cats biting them. It was kind of embarrassing when guests came over. I had seen Auberge Designs' advertisements on my social media, but had been hesitant whether it would stand up to our two Bengal cats. Finally took the plunge, purchasing the Aren Sofa in Slate Grey, and we are so happy we did! The arms are low and curved enough that they are comfy to lean on, the sofa length is perfect for laying down, and the firmness is great - definitely on the firmer side right now but I think it will likely soften a bit with time. The fabric is so soft and really nice to touch. Best of all, I can confirm that it has resisted our cats' destructive antics. Following assembly, one cat immediately jumped on the sofa and tried to sharpen their claws on the back of the sofa. To her surprise, she couldn't dig her claws into the fabric, and now the cats don't try to scratch it at all anymore! When they try to chase their tail, they use to fall off the sofa but catch themselves with their claws and now they actually fall off as the fabric is too slippery for them. When they chased each other, there were some claw lines that I was initially concerned about, but they disappeared due to the slight variation from the way the microfiber is "brushed" from one direction to the other from regular sofa use. Pet fur also doesn't stick to the fabric - our cats spend a lot of time of the sofa and it's never covered in fur! Amusingly, they actually spend the most time reaching their front legs down into the small space near the seam where the two sofa pieces connect, and are entertained for hours doing this! While the sofa lives up to our expectations of "cat-proofness", I hadn't actually paid attention to the stain-resistant features until within the first week of owning the sofa, my husband spilled a full glass of red wine on it. Needless to say, it was a stressful moment for both of us. We looked on this site for how to clean it and proceeded to soak up the excess wine and then wipe the sofa with just water. To say we were amazed that all the wine came off and there's no evidence of the accident is an understatement! Can now confirm that the sofa is also "accident-proof" and it is reassuring to know that this sofa will stand up to our family's use for many years and while still looking brand new! Looking forward to getting some of the accent chairs in the future to replace the ones our cats have also destroyed! @AubergeDesigns - Please make a chaise lounge too!

Salo Right Sectional
Frederique (Montreal, QC)
So happy !!

We love our new couch! Moving into our new home was the perfect excuse to finally invest in a comfy new sofa. The one we had before was all scratched up by our cat and it was time for a fresh start. I wasn't sure if this sofa was really claw-proof and was a bit worried that it wouldn't work. On the first day, the cat tried to scratch it. Let me tell you, he was very disappointed! He couldn't do his claws!! Here we are on day 21, the sofa is still perfect and the cat doesn't even try anymore. What an amazing product! 🩷

Rauma Modular Sofa
Lori-Ann (Ottawa, ON)
Love our new sofa!

We love the sofa and the colour is great!

Rauma Ottoman
Janice B. (Toronto, ON)
Must have to go with any couch or sofa

Our basement (townhouse) wouldn’t fit a true sectional so we purchased the ottoman in this stunning ocean blue to go with the Salo Sofa and it’s functional and perfect for the space.
Three tween boys sit on it comfortably and the 80-lb pup usually takes up the whole ottoman when we kick him off the couch.
Great purchase. It’s soft just like the 2 couches we also purchased.
Would highly recommend to anyone with pets that take up your seating space! ;)

Salo Loveseat
Janice B. (Toronto, ON)
Purchased 2nd couch after two weeks!

This gorgeous blue salo sofa was stunning on the website and looks exactly as described in my basement. It is super durable for my 80-lb doodle who jumps and sleeps on it like it’s no one’s business. Goodbye to his dog bed.
No scratches! The pillows are stylish, soft and a bonus - washable!
We also purchased the Lohja in the cappuccino colour.
We love it and the whole family enjoys it.

Lohja Sofa
Janice B. (Toronto, ON)
Favourite sleep spot - we don't need a dog bed anymore.

It’s comfy and a favourite place to lounge for our big 80-lb pup.
Pillows are seat cushions are soft yet durable. Pillows are washable. It was well-packaged on delivery. We love it so much we purchased a second Sofa from Auberge Designs for our basement (Salo Sola) and ottoman. Amazing quality and value.

Lohja Loveseat
Debra A. (North York, ON)
Love Love Love

So beautiful , i love it. Cat loves it too... He has scratched it already... but we cant see the damage. Should of bought this couch years ago.

Hanko Reversible Sectional
Nadia B. (Montreal, QC)
Love love love my new couch

Never thought I would ever buy a couch without trying it first! Being able to order the swathes really helped to test out the texture and be sure of the colour. I’m so happy I went with my gut and decided to purchase this couch, the colour is beautiful, the white glove delivery was totally worth the extra money and my cats absolutely love this couch. As other reviewers have noted, it was very firm when I first tried it out and I’ve been sitting on an old couch for 10 years so wasn’t used to that but now we’re on day 3 and I am absolutely in love with my couch, so comfy!! The cats have been all over it trying to scratch it but just as advertised the scratches disappear, and the cat hair is so easy to remove too. Highly recommend!!

Rauma Modular Sofa
Erin (Dauphin, MB)
Very satisfied

We purchased this couch originally as it was pet friendly and stylish. I must admit I am more than pleased with the outcome. The couch is extremely comfortable. We purchased this design specifically so our feline family would be prevented from going underneath the sofa and causing problems. This suits our needs and cleans beautifully. We went with a light colour as our cats fur is light. I see minimal pet hair left behind. I would not hesitate to purchase from this company again. The delivery was speedy despite us being rural and remote. 10/10

Salo Loveseat
Kiyomi T. (Carleton Place, ON)
So happy!! 😃❤️

I very sceptical that our new couches would withstand our two cats scratching. However just after one hour of having them I caught my cat scratching and was so happy to see there was zero damage. The couches are beautiful, and comfortable. The material is soft to touch. Ordering it was a breeze and so was booking our delivery. The delivery guys were on time, and professional. As you can see from my video….I was so surprised and happy. 😃

Hi Kiyomi, Thank you for your glowing review! We love that you were able to catch your furry friend in the act of trying to scratch your new sofa!

It's worth noting that the tiny fibers or 'pile' that stick up from the base of the fabric can be disrupted when a pet scratches at the fabric (in the same way the fibers on a high pile carpet are disrupted when you walk across it), but these are not permanent and will go away by lightly massaging the affected area and allowing the fibers to relax and return to their original orientation.

Rauma Modular Sofa
Bryce (Fort McMurray, AB)
Love it

I love love, love it. The most comfortable sofa I've ever had.

Elina Right Sectional
Carolyn M. (Sainte-Cecile-de-Masham, QC)

We are so so happy with our Elina Sectional from Auberge Designs (Crypton Microfibre fabric). We looked for SO long to find something that suited our needs (A nice big cozy sectional, deep seats, not too squishy but not too firm, something our cat and toddler could not totally destroy, etc etc). I was about to give up because I couldn't find what we wanted and I was worried about ordering something online that I did not try out in person yet. But my sister-in-law told me about Auberge Designs and their 'pet proof' couches. I checked them out and it fit all of my criteria, I was still a bit worried about ordering online before I tested it out in person. But we bit the bullet and ordered anyway and we are SO happy with it. It is incredibly comfortable, and it was even ready 1 month before expected.

Nelli Modular Sofa
Joseph L. (Surrey, BC)
No More Scratches And They Love It

One of my cat loves to scratch any fabrics but I still not noticing ANY in my sectional yet and they love to sleep on it. The top cushions are feathers inside, very comfy.

Looks exactly like the pictures online. Delivery was very smooth and only took around 30 minutes to assemble.

Cat claimed a favourite corner about 20 minutes after set up. Pet friendly couch is cat approved.

Rauma Modular Sofa
jean-sebastien (Montreal, QC)
Cat lovers rejoice! You can have nice furniture too!

We weren't sure about buying online without trying it but we are really glad we did. Its comfortable, the cats love it, the scratches are disappearing and melting in the fabric with a touch of the hand. Its wonderful to have sofas that wont be destroyed by the cats right away. Test of time still left to pass but we are confident. We love our Raumas and the cats love them too.

Lohja Armchair
christy (Nelson, BC)
A very elegant chair

I looked all over for a nice-looking, reasonably priced chair - once I saw this one I was impressed with the design, and especially with the scratch-resistance tagline. Well it works, the cats are happy, we are happy. And it's comfortable!

Hanko Reversible Sectional
Maegan (Vancouver, BC)
Chefs kiss

This couch is perfect. It's super soft, very comfy and my cat has not left a mark on it and it's been almost a month! It is very stylish, and the fact that you can put the chaise on either side is a great bonus. We just got a new kitten so I'll try and update this review in a month or so with how it's handling 2 cats :)

Hanko Reversible Sectional
Shanye (Mascouche, QC)
Hanko Left/Right sectional

After having multiple pieces of furniture affected by my cats nails, I was so excited to find this couch! The Hanko was very easy to set up, it is super comfortable, and the fabric seems to be impossible to mark by my cat - the ultimate positive! Additionally, both times I have contacted customer service I had very polite people to speak to and a rapid response! So pleased overall!

Salo Sofa
Lucia H. (Kitchener, ON)
LOVE my new couch.

We are totally enjoying our new couch. It is exactly what we hoped for. It is comfortable, feels soft to the touch, stylish and our 2 cats have not even shown an interest in scratching it. (Our last couch was a different material and it was shredded. ) We opted for "White Glove" delivery and the guys were great. I would give 10 stars if I could.